Secrets to a Happy Life

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Sometimes I come across a book that speaks to me profoundly.  Secrets to a Happy Life did just that. I underlined so many parts and dog-eared so many pages. In an unassuming way full of the unforced rhythms of grace, Bill Giovannetti has penned real answers to some of life’s deepest questions. In this post-modern era that we all find ourselves wading through, it’s good to take time for some introspection. The pages of Secrets to a Happy Life help with that. I was absorbed from beginning to end, and know that I am better because of the reading. 


Giovannetti has an easy style of writing  and is a masterful storyteller. You can see and feel the scenes from his past that he relays, as well as the scenes from the life of a familiar Bible character. You’ll be surprised at how you see this famous person from history in a new light.


The quotes that Giovannetti used in this book really spoke to me. I know I’ll be referring to them for years to come. 


Secrets to a Happy Life pleasantly reminded me of some of Andy Andrews’ books, which have been influential in changing my life. I recommend Secrets to a Happy Life to anyone who wants to press deeper into the healing message of the Bible, or for people who have questions about Christianity in general. And, if you think you’re pretty happy in your current season of life, read this book anyway. You’ll be glad that you did. 



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