It’s Book Release Day!

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Within the Veil is finally available! Come celebrate with me on Facebook & Twitter. I’ll be online all day today and in the coming weeks, I’ll be doing fun videos and giveaways. Don’t miss the buzz!



Love helping authors talk about books? I need your help! If you do purchase Within the Veil, I’d love it if you posted a picture of yourself with the paperback or a picture of the paperback in an interesting location. It’s also fun to see pictures of the book with your pet. This really does make a difference! Here’s a recent picture from Angela Kom. You can also post a picture of your eReader with the cover. Make sure you tag me! Let’s get the conversation started.



How many reviews a book receives really does make or break a book. When you read Within the Veil, please do an honest review on Amazon,, and Goodreads. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


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~~~~~~~~~~HAPPY READING!!!!


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