Publishers Weekly Review of Within the Veil

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Vallance (The Covered Deep) combines unique characters, historical facts, and powerful writing to transport readers to 19th-century Scotland. Since her mother’s death, Feya Broon has been trapped in the tenements of Edinburgh caring for her siblings and drunken father. She is willing to do whatever is necessary to keep her family alive, and a petty crime lands her in the custody of palace guard Alasdair Cairncross. Considered a Gypsy by the English, Feya is looked down upon as lower class and isn’t the most important prisoner for Alasdair to transport across the countryside. Along the way to her new prison, Alasdair must confront the past he thought he had left behind, as his affections grow for the strange girl. Alasdair and Feya will need to trust each other more than expected to survive this journey, which is fraught with danger at every turn. Vallance’s spunky characters must battle their for their faith and overcome systemic barriers, including poverty and discrimination. While the ending is expected, the journey is wonderful, and Vallance uses an engrossing narrative to speak about delicate social issues in this impressive tale.


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